Dulwich Physiotherapy strives to promote self-efficacy with all its patients. We can work for you and with you and provide the tools to get the most from your body and out of life. We do not subscribe to a one-size-fits all treatment process. Every treatment we provide is specifically engineered to ensure we address your specific requirements.
At Dulwich Physiotherapy we believe an active community is a happy and healthy community.

Dulwich Physiotherapy welcomes people of diverse sexualities and gender identities. We strongly advocate for equal rights and opportunities for all people and provide a respectful and inclusive practice to ensure that our health care is safe for everyone.

Acknowledgement of Country:
We at Dulwich Physiotherapy acknowledge and respect Aboriginal people as Australia’s first people and recognise their relationship with Country. Dulwich Physiotherapy acknowledges that the spiritual, social, cultural, and economic practices of Aboriginal people come from their traditional lands and waters. We know that the cultural and heritage beliefs, languages, and laws are still of importance today. We will continually strive for cultural safety for our First Nations people’s and aim to provide an ongoing resource for health care.